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Name:Bryce Monroe
Location:United States of America
APPEARANCE: 5ft 12in, Dark chocolate brown wavy hair (above the shoulders), cinnamon eyes, and he is very tan. Football player, so he is definitely built. Generally always wearing a grin of some sort. Looks like a male Esmerelda.

SPORTS: Football, Basketball, Lacrosse

CLUBS: Dance, Baking, GSA,

IN SCHOOL:A rather outgoing young man, he is the very definition of social butterfly. He will approach anyone having any semblance of approach-ability. He dives in on friendships pretty fast, but tends to stick to lighter topics, generally being facetious and making jokes at tougher situations. He can be a bit crude or rude, but its always in good fun, he just doesn’t know where the offensive line is.

OUT OF SCHOOL: He is a little more mellow outside of school, but thats just because he gets his energy from people. Extrovert. Has a job as a waiter, so a lot of his free time is taken up by school, sports, clubs, and his job.

OTHER: During the summer he prefers going to other people’s houses rather than bringing people to his. He’d rather have a full cooked meal over a fire than from a fast food joint. He loves horses. Oh, and he might hit on you.
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